We have now scheduled the first two Public Open Evening events for September.

On Saturday 2nd September Mark Thompson will be giving an Introduction to Stargazing. This event will be free of charge (refreshments will still be charged for), as an introduction to our 2023/24 astronomical season of Public talks.

On Saturday 23rd September Andrew Sutkowski will be giving a talk about the ‘Outer Planets and some of their moons’ (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune)

Both these events are available for booking NOW

Please see our Events pages for all upcoming talks and events.

For the 2023/24 season we are trying something a little different. The Public Open Evenings will occur on Saturdays with the first talk at 7:00 pm, a second talk at 8:00 pm and an optional 3rd talk at 9:00 pm (depending on visitor numbers/ticket sales).

By holding these events on Saturday evening we are hoping that this is more accessible for the Public and easier for our volunteers.

We hope to see you at the observatory soon.