In January we have had a busy month at NAS with a members only presentation about gravitational waves by Dr Deanna Hooper.

Dr Hooper’s enthusiasm certainly shone through in her talk which discussed the origins and detection of these gravitational waves (a replay is available to members).

It was astounding the lengths and tenacity that innovators went to in order to detect these minute signals from space and then after years of trying they succeeded.

We then had our first Public Open evening since COVID which was a resounding success.

We sold out all the available tickets and received encouraging feedback from all the visitors we spoke to.

The talk about Mars presented by Mark Thompson was liked by everyone.

Although the weather was a bit hit and miss with clear skies then cloud and even rain at one point, many visitors were able to see through the telescopes available.

Our next Public open evening is Friday 17th February which will include a talk about the life of stars