A magazine for our members

Norwich Astronomical Society has a long tradition of producing an in-house magazine for its members. This publication has usually appeared four times a year to reflect the seasons, and how the appearance of the night sky changes throughout the year. The Cygnus magazine has contained a good mixture of articles written by members themselves, often based on their own particular astronomical interests or practical articles about how to deal with telescope or camera equipment. Reliable science based news sources have also be used to carry information about happenings in the night sky, and the latest space projects. At first the magazine was entirely paper based but as time has moved on a growing number of our members have turned to on-line reading in various ways. Also, our magazine has been making more and more use of astronomical images, often produced by our members themselves. This led us to create an e-Cygnus version of our paper based magazine. This hybrid format has worked pretty well but has a number of limitations, especially in the quality of the images displayed. This itself has been a difficulty arising from download and upload limits on our existing NAS web site – which is one of the reasons that we now have a new one!

We have decided to go the whole way and now have an entirely online based in-house magazine for our members, so welcome to Cygnus Online. Here we will hope to display a similiar range of articles and images to that carried for so long by our illustrious paper based predecessor.