A HUGE vote of thanks to Caroline Jessup and Alwyn Davies for their enthusiasm, dedication and stamina over the two days of the First Light Festival in Lowestoft, Saturday 22nd June and Sunday 23rd June.

The festival was held on the Beach this year, making it a good trek from the car park to the marquee with all the equipment. I guess the exercise will make us fitter.

Saturday, was unusual in that we had rain showers, so every now and then the marquee would become crowded with people keeping us very busy in bursts. Then the sun would com out and people would migrate outside until the next shower arrived. Sunday was calmer with a steady stream of people coming by. We also had the pleasure of the sun on Sunday so were able to make the most of the solar scope.

Overall, a very worthwhile venue to attend, letting locals know where we are and what we do. We reconnected with people who have visited in the past and explained about the benefits of membership.

I have no idea about the footfall at the festival but it must have been in the thousands. It was busy, and so were we.

Watch out for us in August at Dino’s in the Dark.