Work on refurbishing the dome began in June 2021. Since then, and despite the continuing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Genesis has been completely cleaned out, its 4.2 metre fibreglass dome has been has been clened, polished and re-coated, the dome shutter has been resurfaced and overhauled, and the dome motor and controller have been replaced.

The EQ8 mount has been re-installed on its plinth, and the final task was to mount the new Meade 16 inch telescope, which was successfully completed. This work was done with a certain amount of trepidation. The new telescope was heavy and we were working in a confined space. Dropping the ‘scope was not an option!

The Meade 16 inch was not dropped and the new telescope was duly installed on its EQ8 mount and successfully balanced. Work was required on the drive motors and controller and this was completed. The new Genesis telescope and dome is now operational and has already completed several observing sessions.